The New York Capsule


The New York Capsule

Growing up in New York, you don’t really realize what an effect certain things have on you, until you get older. The New York Capsule features elements from designs that have inspired me throughout my whole life growing up in NYC.


The New York Capsule Features two long sleeve t shirts that have graphics on them that are inspired by growing up in New York.


The Thank You Tee is inspired by the thank you plastic deli bags used in bodegas throughout the 5 boroughs of New York City. Since 2020 was the toughest year for NYC since 2001, we wanted to re-create a vintage NYC graphic. Replacing the iconic "Thank You" with our mission statement, it helps us speak out a relatable phrase  while also mixing together  comfortable and well known NYC art. 





The Skyline tee is inspired by none other than the iconic New York City skyline. Growing up, there was never anything more inspiring to me than the skyline of my hometown. NYC is the most famous city in the world and the view of our skyline can and will inspire anybody. Featured inside of our trademark logo is silhouettes of iconic NYC landmarks, including the Statue of Liberty, the Brooklyn Bridge and the Freedom Tower. Looking out to the lights of NYC makes you feel like your on top of the world..and I guess, in a way, you are.



The front of both tees takes inspiration from 5 iconic New York City newspaper fonts. NYC has some of the most famous newspapers in the world and their custom typography is iconic. The New York Post, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The New Yorker and New York Magazine. In a time where most people now consume their news via smartphones and social media, we want to pay homage to the news publications we grew up on. 





New York City.

The greatest city in the world. 

By John Scafiddi

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